Open Network Security Solution

Tgate SDP is an open network security solution designed around user identity to improve the limitations of existing network-centric security.

Tgate SDP Overview

Anytime, Anywhere

You can work in an open environment by securely accessing the network anytime, anywhere, regardless of location.

Expand your business

In a black cloud-based SDP, users no longer need to access closed corporate networks, thus removing the spatial limitations of the business.

Zero Trust Network

It is a Zero Trust Network that means 'No one should be trusted' and shows strong security through thorough identity verification.

Main Features

Security shouldn't limit your business.

Tgate SDP, Experience wide business

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Safe network

By hiding the network information of the service target, hacking attempts are impossible, and it provides safe and reliable networking.

Limitless space

By controlling IoT devices, it is possible to conduct company business anytime, anywhere in the world.

Cut expenses

There is no need for a dedicated line, and additional costs for a separate network infrastructure can be significantly reduced.

Infinite scalability

The limitations of space and network infrastructure that were blocked by security limitations disappear, and more advanced business can be carried out.

Time saving

Dramatically reduces the time it takes to set up the network environment by simply setting policies that connect users to the services they use.

Safely anywhere in the world

The Internet of Things is now a reality in all areas, and we are facing a highly productive environment. Nowadays, you can work much more efficiently and have a more advanced business. However, are you missing out on many opportunities due to security constraints?

Tgate SDP can apply Zero Trust security anywhere in the world with strong security, ease of deployment and operation, and flexible scalability.

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