Power Management System

Tgate Happytime is a power management system for employees to leave work on time and to accurately evaluate it. It prevents unnecessary overtime work by shutting down PCs outside of working hours.

Tgate happytime Overview

Avoid Overtime

The PC is automatically shut down according to the designated working hours, preventing unnecessary overtime outside of working hours.

Measuring Overtime

Only necessary people are allowed to work overtime so that accurate records can be measured and reflected in the evaluation.

Provide log data

Through log records, you can check employee attendance management by day, month, department, etc., and measure performance.

Main Features

We systematically support the culture of leaving work on time.

Reduce work hours and increase work efficiency

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Improving Employee Welfare

  • During work hours, it provides a forced PC shutdown function so that employees can leave work on time so that employees can leave work naturally.
  • Ultimately, work productivity can be increased by promoting individual rest and family harmony so that employees can enjoy a happy life.

Improving the quality of work

  • Even if you reduce your overall working hours, you can improve work productivity by systematically managing your working hours.
  • Approved overtime provides and maintains fair compensation, but unauthorized overtime deducts the evaluation score of the employee or team so that necessary work can be completed within the given working hours.
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