Desktop Management System

Tgate DMS is a desktop integrated management solution that comprehensively collects and manages hardware and software information of all PCs in the company.

Tgate DMS Overview

PC integrated management

Integrated management of all PCs from various types of failure handling to hardware and software asset management.

Establish management policy

Identify all software and security updates installed on your PC, allowing you to establish management policies.

Enterprise Resource Management

Centrally view software and security updates installed on all user-targeted PCs.

Main Features

Stability is the most important

No. 1 Proven PC management solution

Tgate DMS Secure PC

Convenience of operation

  • Easy to use by anyone without experts through operation manager-oriented GUI
  • Operates in a policy manner and operates functions according to the set policy cycle
  • Important equipment IP and MAC protection function
  • IP detection and blocking function for generating harmful traffic
  • Illegal router blocking function

Easy and fast installation

  • Install Agent program on PC without separate training or support
  • If upgrading to Tgate DMS, only the server needs to be upgraded and the client can be installed through the deployment function
    * When using existing deployment features

High seciruty

  • Communication between server and client uses SSL secure communication
  • Dynamic view support according to management permissions
  • Various security setting functions for administrator account and console access

NAC binding

  • DMS can be used organically by combining it with Tgate NAC(Network Access Control)

Challenging zero disability rate

Tgate DMS is the most trouble-free system among IT managers who struggle with numerous systemic failures and stably supports most Windows PCs.
Experience an efficient and stable work environment with leading companies.
Central system with 0% failure rate! Tgate DMS will challenge.

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