Pioneer of Endpoint Management

MLsoft, as a leader in endpoint security, is striving to provide the best system to our customers through solid technology.

Brand History

Since its establishment in 1995, MLsoft successfully introduced the concept of TCO(Total cost Ownership) to Korea and has been leading Desktop Integrated Control solution(DMS) market ever since. Since 2006, MLsoft has been committed to development research of Network Access Control(NAC) and developing Software Defined Perimeter(SDP) solutions from 2021.


We are doing our best in developing IP Management solution and DMS solution. Furthermore, with endpoint management technology based on these solutions, we strive for optimal NAC system development. By building integrated control system shtrough seamless connection, we ceaselessly working to solve security problems and bring solution to fundamental endpoints management.

The Future

In the rapidly changing IT environment in line with the era of the 4th industrial revolution, we will continue to provide high-performance network access control systems and PC management systems with more professional technology to impress our customers.

Technical Skills

Product History