Wired & Wireless Network Access Control

Tgate is a network access control system that perfectly protects the company network and endpoints by checking the security status of all wired and wireless devices accessing the network.

Tgate Overview

Endpoint protection

Most internal security incidents are prevented by controlling and managing all endpoints throughout the company in the fastest time possible.

Gate in the wall

Allows only PCs that comply with the security status to access the internal network so that a safe network can be maintained at all times.

Realtime NAC

Detects and blocks security threats of endpoints, where golden time is life, in real time by linking with network security equipment.

Main Features

Simple & Easy Control

Choosing Tgate for Successful NAC

Tgate Devices

Simple to setup with reasonable cost

  • Out-of-band method does not require reconfiguration of network equipment and does not affect other networks even in the event of a failure.
  • Both agentless and agent methods are supported, and agent installation is controlled according to the authentication stage.
  • By organically interlocking with IP management solutions and asset management solutions, it is possible to simplify construction and minimize introduction costs by maximizing the use of existing infrastructure without new installation or removal.

Easy to use

  • Easy-to-use UI composition makes it easy to set policies with just one click.
  • It eliminates the complexity of management through the integrated policy operation of PC security management, IP management, and asset management.
  • Depending on the purpose of introducing NAC, it is provided in various types of solutions, enabling customized control according to the company's circumstances.
  • You can check and manage the status of all wired and wireless endpoints connected to the network in real time.

Block network threats

  • It is more reliable because it is built on the basis of a proven core system that has ever controlled the largest PC.
  • The network access control system, IP management system, PC asset management system, and patch management system can all be organically controlled and managed by self-development.
  • It reliably controls all wired and wireless endpoints connected to the network, including PCs, smartphones, and iPads.

Powerful internal network security

  • The internal network is protected from unauthorized users or devices through logical network separation technology that separates the internal network into a safe internal network and an external network that serves as a buffer zone.
  • It performs the authentication function for all network devices accessing the company regardless of the type such as desktops, laptops, personal smartphones and tablet PCs, and provides enhanced control and security when accessing the company network.

Possess professional skills

MLsoft has provided NAC systems, IP management systems, and PC asset management systems to more than 2,000 public institutions and companies from 1995 to the present, and its technology and stability have been proven through many successful cases. In addition, by developing all technologies necessary for NAC in-house, it is possible to provide powerful endpoint management as well as service support and customization tailored to the customer environment.

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