Commercial Software Management System

TCO!sam is a system that can identify the current use of in-house software such as pirated copies, illegal downloads, and illegal software, and discover and manage illegal software.

TCO!sam Overview

Understanding SW status

With one management tool, you can analyze software status and respond to problems when they occur.

Dealing with illegal software

It can help avoid settlements and criminal penalties for illegal software detection.

Safe work environment

You can configure a safe work environment without worrying about using illegal software.

Main Features

More and more stringent software management regulations!

Safe work environment without worrying about illegal software

Easy Use

Easy to use

  • Designed to be usable without any special prior knowledge, the admin console allows administrators to operate easily and conveniently.
  • Automation of discovery and control can dramatically reduce management time.

Save money

  • You can save an average of about 1,000,000 won per business PC by continuously detecting and deleting illegal software.
  • You can prepare in advance for the settlement money to be paid in the event of a crackdown.
Save Money

person card

Safe service

  • TCO!sam is a program installed on the client's in-house server and PC, and cannot be accessed from outside, and all data is designed to be managed by the client.
  • With strict personal information management, you can use it with confidence without worrying about data information leakage.